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the dustless blasting services we provide

Welcome to our premier dustless blasting company, offering cutting edge alternatives to sandblasting with a comprehensive range of surface cleaning and preparation services. Dustless blasting is a revolutionary method that effectively removes paint, rust, and grime without generating a disruptive cloud of dust. This versatile service is applicable across industrial, domestic, commercial, automotive, architectural, and marine sectors, providing a superior solution for various surface restoration needs.

In addition to dustless blasting, we also offer a range of alternative methods tailored to meet specific requirements. These include: dry ice blasting, perfect for delicate surfaces; pure sacuum steam for thorough cleaning; and high-pressure steam (up to 150 PSI) to combat stubborn contaminants. Our cold pressure jet solutions, known for their versatility, are ideal for various industrial applications.

At our company, we prioritise delivering top-notch results, ensuring surfaces are expertly restored and prepared for any project. Your satisfaction is of paramount importance to us. Our experienced team is ready to address even your most challenging cleaning and preparation needs. Discover our advanced alternatives to sandblasting and experience a new level of excellence in surface restoration.

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alternatives to sandblasting, Services

Graffiti Removal

At Problast, our graffiti removal service utilizes dustless blasting to effectively and safely restore surfaces to their original condition. This advanced technique combines water with abrasive media to remove graffiti without creating harmful dust clouds, ensuring a clean and safe environment. Dustless blasting is gentle on surfaces, preventing damage while thoroughly erasing all traces of graffiti. Whether it’s on brick, concrete, or metal, our method ensures efficient, eco-friendly, and superior results, making us the trusted choice for graffiti removal.

Antifoul Removal

At Problast, we specialize in antifoul removal using our advanced dustless blasting technology. This method combines water with abrasive media to efficiently strip away antifouling coatings from boat hulls without creating harmful dust clouds. The water in the process not only suppresses dust but also cools the surface, preventing any heat damage to the hull. Dustless blasting effectively removes even the most stubborn layers of antifouling paint, barnacles, and marine growth, leaving the surface clean and smooth. This environmentally friendly approach ensures that contaminants are contained and easily disposed of, protecting both the boat and the surrounding environment. By choosing our dustless blasting service, you ensure a thorough, safe, and eco-conscious antifoul removal process that prepares your vessel for a fresh, new coating.

alternatives to sandblasting, Services
alternatives to sandblasting, Services

Brick Cleaning

Using the right tools for cleaning brick is crucial to preserving its integrity and appearance. At Problast, we understand that brick surfaces require careful handling to avoid damage such as chipping, etching, or discoloration. Traditional cleaning methods can often be too harsh, compromising the structure and look of the brickwork. It’s particularly beneficial for restoring historical buildings or delicate brickwork, where maintaining the original appearance is paramount. With Problast’s dustless blasting service, you can trust that your brick surfaces will be meticulously cleaned and restored, enhancing their natural beauty and extending their lifespan.


Utilizing our cutting-edge dustless blasting technology to deliver exceptional results restoring boats. Whether your boat needs a complete overhaul or targeted maintenance, our advanced techniques ensure a thorough and safe restoration process. Our dustless blasting method is ideal for boat restoration for several reasons. It effectively removes old paint, antifouling coatings, rust, and marine growth without damaging the underlying surface. By combining water with abrasive media, we significantly reduce the risk of heat buildup and warping, which can be a concern with traditional sandblasting. The water also helps suppress dust, creating a cleaner and safer environment for both the operator and the surroundings.

alternatives to sandblasting, Services
alternatives to sandblasting, Services

Driveway Cleaning

Finding the right clean for your driveway is tough. Quite often with driveways being so prominent, its easier to make them look pretty than try and strip it back and risk damaging it. Our specialist equipment and our knowledge of driveways gives us the unfair advantage. We can adjust our pressure and precision for maximum results. Minimising risk to damage, With the possibility of blasting a wide range of types of driveway, there is no harm in getting in touch so we can give you a free quote.

Engine Cleaning

Combining dustless blasting and dry ice blasting, we provide comprehensive engine cleaning that is thorough, safe, and eco-conscious. Both methods ensure all contaminants are effectively removed, enhancing engine performance and longevity. The non-abrasive nature protects engine parts, while responsible waste management minimizes environmental impact. Dry ice blasting uses solid carbon dioxide pellets that sublimate upon impact, leaving no residue. This non-abrasive method protects delicate engine components while removing dirt and grease. It leaves no secondary waste, simplifying cleanup and ensuring no residues remain in the engine. Furthermore, dry ice blasting uses no harmful chemicals, making it an environmentally friendly option.

alternatives to sandblasting, Services