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Classic Car Restoration


The Scope

What we delivered and why.

Pilgrim Motorsports asked us to assist with their Car Restoration. Their classic car needed attention to the surface rust on the frame, and the components underneath, as well as the wheels and areas of the body. We were tasked with tackling these issues, whilst also maintaining the paintwork, as well as working indoors which presented its own challenges. Using a mixture of Dry Ice and Soda Blasting we were able to tackle the job and achieve a fantastic result, giving the classic mustang a great finish, and restoring it to its former glory ready for completion by Pilgrim Motorsports. 

The stats
Job Length: 5 Hours
Blast Media: Frozen C02 pellets
Blast Pressure: 72psi

BEFORE & after

Antifoul removal can be a delicate and precise service, ensuring that the right layers are penetrated and ensuring the boat maintenance is not jeopardised. Boat Club members often struggle finding a cheap and reliable solution to this problem, and that is where Dustless Blasting comes in handy. 

We were able to complete a full antifouling service on the yacht within a day. Using conventional sandblasting methods half a day would be lost in set up time, that is excluding the cleaning time needed to get rid of all the sand that will inevitably blow into, on and around the yacht. Being able to have more control over the media, the pressure and the amount of time it takes to set up is one of the biggest advantages of using a dustless blasting service. 

During this job we were able to turn the PSI up and down to match the pressure needed for the best clearing without damaging the hull. This was in combination with using abrasives that are multipurpose, and not just great for antifoul. 

Before After